Jack Freakin' Kerouac, Cockroaches and Catastrophes
From: AcidAce@bigfoot.com
cc: Lucinda Pevney, Chris Canton
Subject: Jack Freakin' Kerouac, Cockroaches and Catastrophes.

Hey all,

   I'm inviting everybody to a "chat jam" to discuss the big shee-bang 
this summer at Larkspur Estates, or as it is now called, Freedom Hall.
This is party on pure Rainbow themes: everybody's invited, everybody
gets input, everybody gets heard.
   The jam starts oh, any time now at

Turn on friends, close family and those you look kindly on. This one ought to be good. Sparky: make sure you tell Harlan too if you can find him. Hope to "e" you there. Chao, Acid Ace p.s. no saucer-alien-conspiracy wingnuts, pleez. Ever since "the cockroach question" I can't get rid of those guys!

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