Cast of Characters

Acid Ace - Remembers the Womb

"Juice" - Minor Beat Spirit and Your Humble Guide and Narrator

Dolly Lama - A Stage Dancer of Some Note to This Narrative

Harlan Davidson - Baby Beat Poet

Tracy - Half-Hispanic Hippie Chick

Alison Parker - Adventurer of the American Road

Lucinda - Pagan Proprietor of the Circle Star Bookstore

Maria - Mystic Mother, Feminist, Fortune-Teller, Teacher

Mouse - Dedicated Deadhead and the Object of Alison's Fancy

Annie Lane - the Hippiecrite

Goddog - Ace's Itinerant Intelligent Hippie Dog

Sparky, Lion, c2 - Early Internauts

Maya - Can See the Connections Between Us All

angelheaded hipsters and visionary tics