Table of Contents

Foreword: Write a Novel, Save a Tree
Cast of Characters
Some Works That Have Influenced .angelheaded hipsters

.angelheaded hipsters and visionary tics

a novel by Alan Rankin

Chapter Zero: Internauts

Part One: On the Road

Chapter One: Beat Juice
Chapter Two: Harlan's Blues
Chapter Three: The Prodigal Daughter
Chapter Three (Cont.): The Mosquito Moment
Chapter Four: Born Again
Chapter Five: The Little People
Chapter Six: The Good Dog
Chapter Seven: A Hard Rain
Chapter Eight: Pilgrims
Chapter Nine: Gathering
Chapter Ten: The Root Hippie(New! 05/25/99)

Chapter Notes
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Miracle: Rainbow Dayz '94
Miracle: Rainbow Dayz '94, Part 2(New! 05/25/99)

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