Bibliography and Suggested Reading

The Beat Generation

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The Grateful Dead

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Goddess worship and paganism:

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The Religious Right

The Anti-Pat Robertson/ Christian Coalition Site.

Weaving a Web of Intolerance: The Radical Right On-Line.

Eugene Saturday Market

Saturday Market.

Saturday Market Online.


Johnstone, Gary. A Dog's World, directed by Gary Johnstone. Wall to Wall Television , Ltd., 1996. As seen on The Learning Channel

Renaissance faires

Colorado Renaissance Festival

Hawkwood Medieval Fantasy Faire

Scarborough Faire, the Renaissance Festival

The SCRIBE Network

Texas Renaissance Festival


Pope Clears Galileo Of Heresy, SciBoard, The Source for Science Education,"Front Page," 12/17/92


Cathedral of Hope

Christian Aid

Christian Disaster Response International

The Green Ribbon Campaign for Responsibility in Free Speech

Habitat for Humanity International

The Rainbow Gathering

Savoye, Rob. The Rainbow Family of Living Light

Other Sites of Interest

The Blarney Bros.
A Scotch-Irish Folk-Rock rhythm + Blues Country Western Jazz Reggae Heavy Metal fusion band with Gospel overtones.

Warren Ellis

Ellis (not to be confused with Ellison) is the hilariously anarchistic author of Transmetropolitan, the best SF comic since Dream Corridor went down. His delight in the glory of the human experience will fill your heart with gladness.

Harlan Ellison
Ellison is simply the greatest living American writer; if you're not already familiar, try Deathbird Stories, Angry Candy or his latest, Slippage, to find out why.

Gordon McFarland
The Incredible BippiBoy!

Amber Rollins
My buddy Amber, author extraordinaire, discusses her studies and adventures on the path of Buddhism.

Save Tibet
Recent events have refocused interest on the atrocities in Tibet. Find out exactly what's going on.

Urban Legends Reference Page
This is the best reference on urban legends I've found, on or off the web. A lot of fun.

Robert Anton Wilson
The mind-bending author of The Illuminatus! Trilogy,excerpts of which you can read here. This man sees at right angles to reality.

Online Resources

The Free Site

The Online Guitar Archive (OLGA)

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The Ultimate Guide to Internet Service Providers

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