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Rainbow Dayz. A memoir of the 1993 Rainbow Gathering in Alabama. FREE. Postage 55c (optional).

Rainbow Dayz (color edition). Please note that this is identical to "Rainbow Dayz" except for five photographs in full color. Color photocopying prices prevent me from giving 'em away, so I'm only charging cost: $4.95. Postage 55c (optional).

Last Night I Saw Down at the Faire... A memoir of the 1996 season at Scarborough Faire Renaissance Festival in Texas. An exercise in psuedo-Beat consciousness. Full color cover. $3.00.

Medieval Blues. A memoir of the 1997 Scarborough Faire season, including ruminations on the Beats and the Rainbow Gathering. Full color cover. $3.00.

Outrage #5: The Wimmen's Issue. Edited by Alan Rankin and Lori White. Articles on music, art, the Internet, feminism, Shannon Faulkner, "sheroes," shaving yer legs (or not), lots more. 24 pages. Factsheet 5 says Outrage is "the greatest work of literature since Almighty God used a lightning bolt to self-publish the Ten Commandments on two slabs of granite." Okay, so that's not exactly what they said, but they did like it. And it's FREE. Postage 78c (optional).


Please send to:
Alan Rankin
P.O. Box 200846
Arlington, TX 76006

For smaller amounts I prefer cash, despite what the post office tells you. (If you double-envelope it, it should be safe.) I don't have a bank account and cashing personal checks is a real pain in the ass. Money orders are preferable and easily available at any bank or post office.

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